J.O.Y. Disability Ministry

Our Vision - To facilitate RMBC becoming a church that demonstrates Christ’s love, embracing and valuing people and families with disabilities by accepting them fully into the church body and removing any barriers to their participation.

Our Mission - To support families affected by disability so they are enabled to face the daily challenges of their lives with God’s strength and the care and encouragement of the body of Christ.

Our Goal -
That each person with a disability:

-knows they are loved and valued by God

-knows they have a purpose

-knows they are accepted just as they are

-gets spiritual teaching that matches their level of cognition

-gets to use their God-given gifts to serve the body of Christ

-will have a place to belong in our church for their lifespan

Contact Christa Scott for more information about the J.O.Y. Ministry at Reedley MB Church. Her email address is flututor42@gmail.com