Prayer Line for June 7, 2023

Prayer Line for June 7, 2023

So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. ~ James 4:7

Praying for our People

Pray for the family of Betsy Warkentin. We learned that Betsy, who formerly attended RMBC, passed away June 4th. Be in prayer for her two children Joseph and his wife Sarah, and Jeanmarie Warkentin. Her memorial service will June 17th, 10am, at Reedley Dopkins Chapel.

Please pray for Florene Mendel Thiesen who fell and fractured her pelvis. Pray for God's comfort and peace as she is healing.

Praise God Melissa Knaak is home and doing well. Please continue to pray for her completer healing.

Our condolence is extended to Vernon Reimer and his extended family. Vernon's brother-in-law Phil Quiring died May 15. His wife Eunice (Vernon's sister) died May 29.

Pray for Anita Anderson who is now in hospice care. Pray for God's comfort and peace.

Pray for Linda Allen and her son Caleb who are dealing with a respiratory illness.

Missionary of the Week - Dave and Janice Hansen, serving with Students International in Visalia. Students International offers students opportunities to serve in missions in countries like Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Dave will be presenting updates and prayer requests for his ministry today from the pulpit. Dave and Janice thank you for your support and prayers.

Connecting and Giving at RMBC
There are several way you can connect with us as well  as give to the RMBC Mission:
  1. Download our App to your smart device. (Search: Reedleymbc)
  2. Visit our website:
  3. Follow us on Facebook and Youtube (ReedleyMBChurch)
  4. Send us an email (first name of staff
  5. Send us a letter
  6. Stop in and say hi
If you have a question or a need please call the church office.

Wednesday's Schedule:
Pray Group at 6:30pm
Staff Prayer Meeting at 9am
VBS Rehearsal at 4pm
High School Summer Kickoff at 6pm
Prayer Meeting at 6:30pm
Governance Meeting at 6:30pm
Worship Band Rehearsal at 7:30pm
Youth Committee Meeting at 8:30pm

Thank you for your faithful prayers.