Prayer Line for January 24, 2023

Prayer Line for January 24, 2023
The Lord is good to those who depend on Him, to those who search for Him. ~Lamentations 3:25

Join us each week, Monday - Thursday, at noon for prayer in the Sanctuary.

Praying for our People

Please pray for John Buhler who had surgery to repair a broken hip, pray for wisdom for the medical team and patience for the Patient.

Pray for Florene Mendel Thiesen who was admitted to Clovis Community Hospital yesterday. Pray for her recovery.

Missionary of the Week - Paul and Amber Carter, a married couple leading Projekt Greifswald in East Germany. Mountain View Church in Fresno is the sending agent for this couple. Reedley Mennonite Brethren Church will be partnering with the Mountain View Church in Fresno for their financial and spiritual support. East Germany is the most atheistic region in the world. Nowhere else do fewer people believe in a god, let alone the God. They are answering God’s calling to start a new church in Griefswald to build his church and kingdom. The Carters will be partnering with James Ross, the head of church planting of East Germany. Paul and Amber thank you for your prayers and financial support.
Connecting and Giving at RMBC
There are several way you can connect with us as well  as give to the RMBC Mission:
  1. Download our App to your smart device. (Search: Reedleymbc)
  2. Visit our website:
  3. Follow us on Facebook and Youtube (ReedleyMBChurch)
  4. Send us an email (first name of staff
  5. Send us a letter
  6. Stop in and say hi

If you have a question or a need please call the church office.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Schedule for January 24, 2023:
Forged at 6am
Staff Prayer at 9am
WOW Bible Study at 9am
Ruby Barkman Funeral & Meal at 10am
Prayer Meeting at noon
Exercise Class at 5:30pm