Prayer Line for January 4, 2022

 Prayer Line for January 4, 2022" Sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him."  Psalm 98:1

Praying For our People
-  We received word that Mary Davison passed away. Pray for Charles and family during this time. As we get additional information we will pass it on.  

- Pray for Nikki McArron's mom Stacy, as she is going through cancer treatment.  

- Pray for Rachel Gonzalez and family as she continues with her cancer treatments. Pray as she .and her doctors determine what is the best course of action.

- Pray for Maria Esperanza's health, she has been placed on hospice care.

Praying for Our Nation and World
Continue to pray for health care workers, first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, and those who serve and protect in turbulent times. Pray for their families to know God’s peace and provision.

Pray Luke 10:2 with us each day at 10:02 am, asking the Lord of the harvest to raise up and send out harvesters from RMBC to His harvest fields.

Missionaries of the Week:  M and C Frederiksen serving in Central Asia. Pray for opportunities to open for ministry in Central Asia, and for people to understand and receive the gospel. Pray also for a tutor to be willing to go to Central Asia for their children.

Connecting and Giving at RMBC
There are several ways you can connect with us as well  as give to the RMBC Mission:
  1. Download our App to your smart device. (Search: Reedlymbc)
  2. Visit our website:
  3. Follow us on Facebook and Youtube (ReedleyMBChurch)
  4. Send us an email (first name of staff
  5. Send us a letter
  6. Stop in and say hi!
Ministry Schedule for today:
- Staff Meeting at 9am
- Exercise Class at 5:30pm
- Church Council Meeting at 7pm
- Please call the church office if you have any questions