Prayer Line for November 16, 2020

Prayer Line for  November 16, 2020
"Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.''  Peter 5:6-7

Praying For Our People
- Continue to pray for the election.

- Pray for Margie Vogt as she is having gallbladder and adrenal gland surgery today.

- Yvonne and Gordon Turner are asking for prayer. Yvonne has some complications with medicine and Gordon has ongoing medical concerns.

- Pray for Lenora Burkett, the choir accompanist (daughter of Carl and Linda Buxman) as she is recovering from a stroke. She has been released from rehab and continues to make progress. Pray for a full recovery.
- Please be in prayer for Ken and Patty Thiesen as Ken had a bone marrow transplant. Ken has made some good progress recently.

- Pray for Duane Friesen as he continues radiation and chemo treatments. Pray for safe travels as they drive down south for treatments, continued healing, and God's presence to be known.

- Pray for JJ, Andy, and Carmen Owen's daughter who injured three vertebrae in her spine.  She will be fitted with a brace that she will need to wear all the time except in bed for the next three months at the least as she slowly learns to walk and move again.  Her prognosis is good but it will be a long process.  JJ is 12 years old.  Pray for a full and complete recovery.

- Pray for Roy Peak as he continues on hospice care. Pray for Eldoris and Robyn Wall as they care for him. Eldoris is currently only able to see Roy via Facetime depending on staff availability and scheduling. Continue to lift them up in prayer.

- Pray for Rachel Gonzalez and family as she is being treated for stage 4 cancer. Doctors have determined she should continue treatments for an additional six more weeks. Pray for her strength and healing. Pray also for her family to receive God's sufficient grace for them in this time.

Praying for our Nation and World
- Continue to pray for our health care workers, first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, and those who serve and protect us in these turbulent times. Pray that the Lord would protect and strengthen them as they go to work each day.
Praying for Our Ministries:
- Pray for wisdom and insight for our RMBC leaders as they make decisions that affect our church ministries. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give us new ways to share the Gospel and unity within the body.

- Missionaries of the Week: - Saji and Bindu Oommen, serving with Multiply as a Global Catalyst in North America. Pray for Saji as he connects with missionaries and churches to help create ministry partnerships for the furthering of God’s kingdom and the gospel.

- Pray Luke 10:2 with us each day at 10:02 am, asking the Lord of the harvest to raise up harvesters from RMBC for His harvest fields.

There are several ways you can give to the RMBC Ministries. 
1. You can text reedleymbc to 77977, 
2. RMBC website click on "Give" 
3. The RMBC App click "Giving"
4. Mail a check through the post office. 
 If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call the office.  

Ministry Schedule for Today:
- Staff Meeting at 10am
- Soup & Sweets at 6pm
- Reedley Police Canine Training in SC at 6pm
- Bell Choir Rehearsal at 7pm
- Please call the church office if you have any questions