Prayer Line for September 14, 2020

Prayer Line for  September 14, 2020
" The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." Psalm 19:1

Thank you to all who attended the "Reedley Walk of Faith" last Saturday! 

Please be praying for Immanuel Schools as they have a big court hearing tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 15th. 

Praying For Our People 
- Be in prayer for our local schools, administration, teachers, and students as they make adjustments in this season.

- Pray for Duane Friesen, his surgery to remove a brain tumor was successful. He received a better report than expected and will start radiation and chemo treatments soon. Pray for continued healing, and God's presence to be known.

- Bill Braun would like to thank the church family for your prayer support as he has been dealing with cancer treatments. He has recently had a scan and it not only showed that the treatments have slowed the cancer but some have actually shrunk in size! Bill and Carol are grateful for your prayer support.

- Pray for Jane Thomsen, she had open heart surgery on Tuesday. Surgery was successful and she is still in the hospital recovering. Pray for continued healing.

- Be in prayer for Tim Harms, son of Menno and Jane Harms and brother of Rod Harms. Tim is currently undergoing cancer treatments and has now tested positive for COVID and will need hospitalization.

- Pray for Rachel Gonzalez and family as she is being treated for stage 4 cancer. Rachel received some positive results from the treatments. She is feeling better and is encouraged.

- Please be in prayer for Ken and Patty Thiesen as Ken headed to Stanford for a bone marrow transplant. Pray that the procedure will be successful and for strength, healing, peace, and the Lord's presence for Ken and his family.

- Pray for Roy Peak as he continues on hospice care. Pray for Eldoris and Robyn Wall as well. Eldoris is currently only able to see Roy via Facetime depending on staff availability and scheduling. Continue to lift them up in prayer.

- Pray for the firefighters as they battle the fires around the Shaver and Huntington Lake area. Pray that God would send rain to help contain the fires!

Praying for our Nation and World
- Continue to pray for our health care workers, first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, and those who serve and protect us in these turbulent times. Pray that the Lord would protect and strengthen them as they go to work each day.

- Let's pray for one another. COVID has affected all of us. May the Lord draw us closer to Himself and give us boldness and opportunities to share the Gospel with family, friends, and neighbors.

Praying for Our Ministries: 
- Praise the Lord that our  Rooted High School group mad it back Sunday from Hartland Camp and that they had a great time, and relationships were strengthened.

- Pray for wisdom and insight for our RMBC leaders as they make decisions that affect our church ministries. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give us new ways to share the Gospel. 

- Missionaries of the Week: Andy and Carmen Owen, serving with Multiply in South East Asia. Pray for Andy as he teaches several workshops and meets with workers throughout their area of ministry.

- Pray Luke 10:2 with us each day at 10:02 am, asking the Lord of the harvest to raise up harvesters from RMBC for His harvest fields.

There are several ways you can continue to give while we are unable to meet together on Sundays. 
1. You can text reedleymbc to 77977, 
2. RMBC website click on "Give" 
3. The RMBC App click "Giving"
4. Mail a check through the post office. 
 If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call the office.  

Ministry Schedule For Today:
- Staff Meeting at 10am
- Bell Choir Rehearsal at 7pm
- Please call the church office if you have any questions