Prayer Line for October 25-27, 2019

Prayer Line for October 25-27, 2019
"Shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you". - 1 Peter 5:2

Praying For Our People
- Pray for Bob Hilts and family. Sharon went home to Jesus on Monday, October 7th. Sharon's  memorial service will be held today at 1:30 at RMBC.

- Please be in prayer for Bill Enns, as he will be having surgery today.

 - Pray for our former Pastor of Care and Counseling, Ray O'Neil, his open-heart surgery was successful. Pray for continued recovery and healing.

- Praise!! Jackie and Larry have been able to get a downstairs apartment. They will be moving at the end of October.

- Please be in prayer for Ruby Warkentin, she has been taken to St. Agnes. She is dealing with congestive heart failure.

- Pray for Royetta Brandt as they look for answers regarding Royetta's fainting spells. Pray for doctors to have wisdom as they look for answers.

- Pray for the family of David Wilmoth, brother of Marilee Schlesselman. His service will be Sunday,  November 3, at 10 AM at the Chapel of the Light in Fresno.

- Praise God for the safe delivery of Ezra, Jude born to Peter, Katie and Zoey Estes. Ezra came into this world on Friday, October 18.

Praying for Our Ministries
- Missionaries of the Week: - Bob and Sharon Hilts serving with One Challenge in Ukraine and Mongolia. Our sister in Christ Sharon went to be with the Savior she proclaimed and led others to for many decades on Monday, October 7. A service will be held today at RMBC. Be in prayer for Bob and family, as well as the churches and ministry leaders in Ukraine and Mongolia who also grieve Sharon’s loss.

- Pray for our Thailand team. They have been teaching classes for two days and will continue with that through the weekend.

- Be in prayer for Courtney Warkentin and her team headed to Ukraine. Praise that they received their visas on Tuesday October 22, and can now book their flights to Ukraine.

- Pray for Sam Estes as he continues his flights to delivery a missionary plane to Guatemala.

- Pray Luke 10:2 with us each day at 10:02 am., asking the Lord of the harvest to raise up harvesters from RMBC for His harvest fields.

Ministry Schedule for Thursday, October 25-27, 2019
- Sharon Hilts Memorial Service at 1:30 pm
- Pray for Pastor Malcolm as he prepares to teach from matthew 27:11-26
Be in prayer for Bill Enns, as he will be having surgery today.