Prayer Line for March 19, 2019

Prayer Line for March 19, 2019
"I will praise You, O Lord, among the nations; I will sing of You among the peoples.
For great is Your love, reaching to the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the skies."
Psalm 57:9-10

Praying For Our People
- Pray for Marvin Just, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Marvin has been admitted back into the hospital. Pray for wisdom, comfort, and healing.
- Pray for Ruby Warkentin healing and comfort.

- Pray for Peter Woelper, he has returned to Palm Village for continuing recuperation. Pray for strength and comfort for Kathie.

- Pray for Jackie Horn, she is now back at Golden Living in Reedley. Pray for her continued recovery and for strength for Larry.

- Pray for Nancy Kusch, who is in hospice care. Pray Nancy will know God's peace and presence. Pray for Roger to have strength and faith in God as he and Nancy walk through this time.

- Please continue to pray for Sharon Hilts as she continues her cancer treatments. Pray for strength and healing. Pray also for Bob as he cares for her during this time. More information can be found at

- Please pray for the families of Keo (PK) and his wife Chansone who were involved in a car accident in Laos. Chansone passed into the arms of Jesus and PK is in the hospital. Although RMBC does not directly support this family, their work has been felt and their lives have touched many in Thailand along the Mekong River. Please pray for PK, their family, and the many that are grieving this loss. Yet we rejoice that Chansone is with Jesus and gave her life in service to God's kingdom and His glory.

- Pray for the family of Greg Quintanilla. Greg passed into the arms of Jesus last week. The funeral service will be held on Friday, March 22 at 10 am in RMBC Sanctuary.

Praying For Our Ministries
Missionaries of the Week: John & Geri Warkentin serving with Multiply in Media Services. Pray for the training John is doing with others, for opportunities to tell the stories of our missionaries, and their transition to their new home.

Pray Luke 10:2 with us each morning at 10:02, asking the Lord of the harvest to raise up harvesters for His harvest field.

Ministry Schedule for Today
- Forged – Men’s group 6 – 7 AM
- Women’s Bible Studies – MOMS and WOW at 9 – 11 AM
- T Squared Exercise Class – 5:30 – 6:30 PM
- Admin. Council Meeting 7 PM